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Zipton - The Adventure of Zipton

Learn science through Zipton's Adventure


Envision an educational landscape full of rich imagery and musical score.  This lush setting provides a masterful story with engaging characters who paint a portrait of the universe. This innovative new pathway for science and human understanding will master the subjects of  physics, nature and music.  Through the use of video game technology and social networking techniques, “The Amazing Adventures of Zipton” will deliver a stunning new entertainment platform that will captive and educate with remarkable clarity and seamless ease. promises to lure a new generation of students into a powerful world of  mathematics and science.

The Adventure of Zipton tells a compelling plot where the evil “Roblecon” drives the gamer (student) into a perilous fight against the powerfully demented mind of a ruthless but clever demon of terror.  Our hero “Zipton” and his trusted dog “Winston” challenge his assault on worlds scattered across the cosmos and here on Earth. With the players help, they bring their powerful ships and tools to bear in a slug it out battle of good and evil between the stars. It will take all of their skill, power and the knowledge of the “Master Pattern” to confront Roblecon’s rain of destruction. “The Amazing Adventures of Zipton” will keep you on the edge of a thrill packed voyage into a new universe of exploration and enlightenment.