The Future of Learning is Coming!

Creative Vision

After 10years of development, the reality of a dynamic game/social/”stealth” learning web destination is close to fruition. The blueprint has been completed keeping below the line production in black and the creative vision in tact. The virtual world and social network game phenomenon positions and the ZSLS poised to capitalize on a nascent market of vast economic potential.

“Stealth Learning” will turn gamers time into learning gaming adventure time. The ZSLS will be a seminal example of the convergence of the social networking breakout and technological development of the communications infrastructure and devices, better production software, lower costs and brilliant and creative content.  These all merge into a critical mass ready to be exploited by imaginative, useful applications. and the ZSLS is the killer web/game/learning social application that makes learning an adventure.  All of these factors and more can culminate into the potential of a multi return investment. The time has come for to lead the market into rich fun learning time as an alternative to violent game play.[cincopa AcBAZg6lEpDj