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Child Market Psychology- Forts & Nests

The Zipton Stealth Learning System (ZSLS) is designed with a pronounced consideration for implementing intuitive learning methodologies bases on gender (age 7-14 core demographic). About a third of the game sequences are gender neutral and the balance are designed to be equally represent the genders. This premise is paramount to the teaching logic of the ZSLS. will be an insightful gender sensitive knowledge based social and gaming platform that maximizes the differences and similarities of boys and girls behavior and their emotional and predisposed yet unbridled comprehension attributes.

Generally the human male, basically at any age accept the very young and very old, is predisposed to a camp, fort or defensible base mentally. To boast and feel satisfaction for ones accomplishments or exploits then to earn respect and defend that reputation, is inate and generally more pronounced in the male gender of many species. These signature gender attributes can be leveraged to pinpoint maximum contemporary socially themed effectiveness in gaming style, action and compelling story line, characters, graphics and score.

The current young female nesting and compassionate social networking characteristics is a marketing perspective that has just recently been recognized as an near untapped monetary bonanza and dream brand/icon platform. understands and is ready to implement and capitalize on this powerful marketing insight and help balance the predominately male oriented gaming venues popularized to date. This keen market awareness can be leveraged to promote knowledge assimilation specifically targeted to integrate the boast, defense and attack male attributes with the nurturing, emotionally reflective and compassionate female characteristics of the complex young human female. It has also been found that games involving a web cam for controlled group interaction can accentuate results and experience. Both genders have their understanding and recognitions of respect, worth, physical, mental and moral internal compasses that wait for the wisdom and guidance of dynamic creative applications of knowledge.

To enrich the spirit and intellectually fiber of not just our country’s educational systems appeal but that of our entire species is a bold vision. The ZSLS represents a revolution in core learning appeal and effectiveness, one that can change the way that knowledge is transferred through entertainment and compelling, relevant and dramatically produced content.