The Future of Learning is Coming!

Story Line

A classic story told by generations of storytellers is the plot of a boy and his dog. Here the setting is modernize by the adventure set in futuristic landscape.  Both heroes travel across the universe, using knowledge to combat the evil Roblecon and his powerful ship the Light Marauder.

Zipton is actually a muon, a sub atomic particle.  His confidant Winston is an English bull dog who is his companion, best and first mate. Winston is portrayed with the style and elegance of a proper English butler. Both characters have identifiable personalities that are classic to familiar heroes of our time.  Ultimately the game provides a safe and comfortable virtual place to enrich young minds.

The “Master Pattern”, which is the core of the ZSLS, is comprised of 1500 inter-related knowledge concepts that use the battle/conflict between Zipton and Roblecon as the “stealth” component to lure the student/player into a world of social networking and gaming based on the common denominator that knowledge is king. The concepts presented are closely aligned with national school standards that have been expressed by the term Science, Technology, Math and Engineering or STEM.

The site itself is a rich landscape of sights, sounds and social networking and is not overshadowed by the story line but engaged with it. This is a world that can be custom created by the player within the framework narrated direction of Zipton.  Games use the theme and story line as a guiding path to add cohesion, continuity and interrelated concept organization into the foundation blocks of the Master Pattern.

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