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Commerce-Revenue & Earnings Models

A standout economical feature of the Zipton Stealth Learning System, (ZSLS), is the multipal potential revenue streams from various proven entertainment and web based earnings models. Below is a breakdown of the ZSLS and Zipton brand revenue sources:

Revenue Projections-

Upon Site and Game Completion

Source                                            Year 1                             Year 2                      Year 3                   Year 4

Subscriptions-                 100K@$36/yr=3.6M$      500K=18M$           2M=72M$             5M=180M

Downloads-                         100K@2$=200K$         300K=600K$       700K$=1.4M$        1.5M$=3M$

Virtual Product Sales-                 500K$                             4M$                       20M$                    50M$

Stand Alone Gaming-                  100K$                            500K$                     2M$                      5M$

Advertising-                                   50K$                               300K$                     1M$                      2.5M$

Platform Licensing-                       50K$                             500K$                     2M$                      5M$

Totals                                             4.5M$                        23.90M$               98.4$M              245.5M$

Additional Revenue Sources

Music & Performance Sales

Online Brand Product Sales*

Ring Tones

Television Series

Printed Books & Activities


Theme Parks

*Brand Products-Birthday themed-cups, plates, piñatas, table covers, favors, etc., solar lunch boxes, trading cards and games, clothing line, shoes, slippers, hats, posters, Halloween costumes, claws, action figures, science related products, pajamas, puzzles, board games, bed sheets, wrapping paper, watches, purses, greeting cards, refrigerator magnets, diaries, etc.

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