The Future of Learning is Coming!

Public & Private School Interface

The ZSLS and the Master Pattern have been designed to be closely aligned with national education standards for grades 2nd-8th and the spirit and direction of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), learning objectives. Integration with the public and private school systems, primarily in the U.S., the ZSLS can use viral applications for a permanent platform. The vail of acceptability is essential to a “stealth” approach of distribution and acceptance. Once inculcated in the schools, less “school” will be needed. This is imperative because the “stealth” of the ZSLS learning needs to be subtle, well conceived and introduced casually, seamlessly and with Zipton perceived as a cool, connected , optimistic symbol of the best of mankind.  He hangs out with famous jazz musicians and film stars of the day and creates a persona that infiltrates and influences the minds of modern young humans.  Then Zipton’s  “Trojan Horse”  can be released enriching the thirsty minds of tomorrows hope.