The Future of Learning is Coming!

Media Interface

The team has a media focal point in the SF Bay Area and will utilize a top publicist to get the message out across the county and world about this revolution in learning. The altruistic and socially responsible nature of this project will garner great press. It will also provide an inviting platform for celebrities, especially tied to music and film, to show their support for learning, thus giving Zipton the cool status of hanging out with the “rock stars”.  The viral nature of the way it is deployed will also provide a strong ubiquitous stimulus to garner the attention of the capricious young mind.

Club Penguin and Farmville did not need advertising to command 100’s of millions of dollars a year in revenue. The days of an expensive marketing campaigns are waning and the viral web marketing explosion has forever changed the landscape of advertising and product introduction to Zipton’s advantage.

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