The Future of Learning is Coming!

Games That Empower

The ZSLS utilizes a social networking site to lure the players/students into an environment of adventure and learning. Education, teaching or learning are never mentioned an a diverse set of gaming experiences await the players. There will be intriguing places and cyber voyages that will use the best of flash, HTML 5, Motion Builder, Maya and other software to narrate and provide avatar guidance to keep the player in the Zone of Proximal Development.

This is zone between boredom and frustration, where learning is achieved at the most efficient level. Web cameras can be used with some players submitting or performing related productions and others being judges/critics in a competitive format. Prizes could include tickets to science events of exhibits or a part in a science related TV show. If Zipton moves into TV production it could be related to participation on that show. There will be different types of collaboration, not just a contest for the highest score or time.

Collaboration methods using groups of 2,3,4 and 6 could then form groups of those groups with different goals and tasks for participates. The end result will be a place where fun, social networking and true critical thinking and learning, with real life applications, can empower the player/student helping cross reference and connect-the-dots of their amazing world.